• ~ About ~

    Damn i gotta talk about me…i don’t know if i am the only one but occasionally feels strange to talk about myself…let’s do this!

    I come from Cyprus a lovely little island in the Meditteranean sea…born and raised here obviously i talk Greek and our local dialect Cypriot along with English as my mother comes from the UK!

    Since young i was a menace and an adrenaline seeker to the max and most definitely a big-time sea lover…i consider myself a fish occasionally…if i would ever be a fish i would be a dolphin and enjoy having fun…flipping (not nfts lol) around!!

    Through the years i moved into water sports like kayaking and rowing which i was a champion at the age of 14 approx…i was fascinated and intrigued to try many sports so i went through a lot…capoeira, jiu-jitsu, kickboxing (not for me as i could not “punch” anyone not even through practice), stand-up paddleboarding, surfskating…

    Adrenaline was something i desired so when i was 18 i started windsurfing and then kitesurfing which i did for 20 years along with surfing which is my passion!

    I occasionally play the guitar and enjoy spending time with my family!

    My goal in life…carry on shaping myself, be happy and do my best to be as nice as possible!