• ~ Tips & Tricks ~

    Here i will be sharing from time to time…what i observe & learn through my web3 journey… the key is doing your best to enjoy without over-investing and stressing out…remember to take profits (easier said than done lol)

    1) When seeing a collection appearing on launchmynft or any other “sketchy” marketplace…first copy an image / nft and paste it into yandex search engine…usually it will bring back results if it is stolen! I always do it with 3 different ones!

    2) Always check their twitter and when it was created…usually (potential) rugs have comments disabled obviously to prevent people from warning others or they have hundreds of retweets (paid obviously) without any comments or a few comments saying it will rug!

    3) If they have a discord (this goes the same even for any other “solid” project) always enter the discord and check the vibes…does it seem botted (bots usually say the same kind of things like pump floor, philosophical quotes looping a bit)…are people nice and seem to be enjoying themselves or is the chat toxic with people saying shit or begging for a pump (obviously for them to dump and leave)!

    4) As with any collection always check the traits. It is a small but important thing. Meaning did the team go the extra mile to write traits that are logical…seeing as an example HAIR: 1 or CLOTHING: 2…that is a bit off!

    5) ALWAYS diversify and never fomo your whole liquidity into one project…i had dropped 90% of my liquidity back then 180 sol = 18K into Soul Dogs on Solana as i thought the founder was great…well after listening to his 3rd space i felt he was just looping the same story…i lost 10K at least since also Solana was going down!

    6) Invest in builders or uniqueness. BSL were minting when i was buying Soul Dogs…the reason is that i did not like the art so much…not the art exactly but the mood they had… non-smiling / angry faces…NOTE that usually pfps that are more serious / angry / gross etc…do better than smiling / happy ones (i dig these obviously lol)

    7) When a collection comes out…quickly check the traits and figure out which ones are rare or super nice looking…check activity and notice any high sales…enter them and see what are the traits…this goes the same for a recently minted out collection to any other collection!

    NEVER grab the first ones that pop out on secondary except if it is Mythic (be sure all the collection is updated as it might end up rare)…the reason for not aping first is that usually FP drops after many lists BUT there are rare occasions that someone might drop one low on CoralCube (it happened to me) when everyone else is buying for double the amount on Magic Eden 🙂

    Usually gold traits, snakes, zombie, aliens do well…always dig into the traits to be safe if you are into a flipping rampage 🙂

    8) I once invested (gambled basically lol) 80 usd into a coin on bsc network and did 120X…got 9.6K out and at that time i was talking with a mod who i trusted from a project that i was heavily invested in…i was enthusiastic and shared my win (never share or flex big time what you own…if you do be careful)…then he started sharing some “secret” info that some nfts had special powers to an upcoming game (which never happened) and i paid 2K back then for 3 nfts that basically valued 80 usd back then…i could not even admit it to myself and once i did it was painful…i sold these nfts lately for 10 usd!


    9) Always see how the founders / mods talk in the chat…if someone is being an ass how do they respond…also announcements are clear with no misspellings…how do they vibe?

    10) Does the team / community focus on raid to earn only? It works for sure but do you see also people on twitter being enthusiastic about a project / art…talking about it or flexing it?! Check comments on tweets are they genuine or seem to be written by someone that wants to get 1 usd from that…

    11) Another small thing is to enter their website…see how it feels…is it unique…is it straight to the point…do you understand clearly what they are working on…is there any uniqueness to it…if you have a hard time to understand maybe many others would not also…that is not a good sign (at first at least)

    12) Do you see Degods, y00ts, Degenerate Apes, Mindfolk, Cets, SMB, BSL, Boogles pfps in a project which are solid projects…that is a good sign!

    13) Invest in a bot and snipe traits that you can flip…in case you want to go through that route of accumulating!

    14) If you have a bot you can notice who is selling and who is buying…sometimes you will notice the same wallets buying / selling so that people fomo in…double check also the holders (how many huge whales) are part of a project…Magic Eden (or any other marketplace) can also show you this in the analytics section scroll down to token holders…a project that a few people hold a lot of nfts is not a good sign (manipulation of price, not big community etc)! So even if you have “good” intentions and you become a big whale for a project split your nfts in different wallets (that is what already some whales do…not to scare people away)

    15) In a discord i was part of there was a sudden announcement to claim some of their coins…i felt something was wrong! WHY?

    a) The username of the “founder” was the same but not the same color fonts as before…instead of orange it was grey?

    b) I clicked on the username and the one i saw internally was not the same and in this case it was a very weird one!

    c) Also the main pfp was different!

    d) The wording was a bit weird since i knew how the founder expressed before!

    e) There was a link that seemed a bit off!

    Mods should have 2FA turned on and any other safety measure still in my opinion only a founder can make an announcement with links inside…NEVER FOMO to any announcement that drops all of a sudden especially over a weekend…a founder / mod knows people are away so they won’t drop anything valuable like that…some projects do not allow anyone except the founder to post links = extra safety measure!!!

    Still people got drained total damage 700 sol because founder was asleep and one of the mods got hacked! I went in the discord to warn people and scammers kicked me out…it went south for a while…the founder decided not to refund anyone which i get that…still since it is also their fault ideally i would like to see the founder act differently…so in such bad occasions if they occur and you are part of a project see how the founder reacts and how does he/she tries to compensate people somehow…maybe not with sol but something else…or even a promise that once the project takes of they will get a certain amount back…even 20% it is something over nothing 😉

    Even after the project was minted out the people that were promised an nft as compensation got nothing…BIG RED FLAG…any founder that does not care for people…is not a founder / leader!

    16) I have noticed in many discords / projects that founders still believe that people love to read…THEY DO NOT…most at least…so create a bullet-style announcement that contains the juicy / important parts…then below a more lengthy one…that will save you time answering the same questions…also people can understand what is going on quickly…i consider this a bullish sign since people will understand more about the project and not get frustrated being bombarded with info…especially more technical terms…not everyone is 100% fluent in English also…